How To Propose. Planning the perfect proposal need not be the most daunting experience of your LIFE…
You might have already guessed (it’s in our name) that Unique Proposals are the proposal specialist.

So kick back and relax as we ease you through the engagement process! 

Step 1

Choosing the right engagement ring – You don’t always get what you pay for.

Ah, the engagement ring of course how simple this should be a quick and easy process right… all diamond rings are the same? WRONG.

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important investments of your life, it is something that she will be wearing for the rest of her life so don’t compromise on quality.  A lot of the mass market jewellers that you find in shopping centres have to stick to high sales targets and cost competition, so to compete they typically use lower grade diamonds and cast the rings in factories overseas.

When it comes to buying an Engagement Ring make sure you go hand made, choose the stone, and speak to an ACTUAL JEWELLER.

You will get better quality and ‘bang for your buck’ seeing a friendly local jeweller than going to a mass market retail store. Gold River Jewellers are more than happy to help guide you through this process, the best part of getting your ring through Gold River Jewellers is that you can have the ring made from scratch so that it  matches her personality perfectly! (They’re not pushy either so pay them a visit when you’re ready to choose the ring).

Step 2 

To be traditional or not to be traditional that is the question…(Do you ask her parents?)

Sorry to be fence sitters but we’re not here to tell you what is the right or wrong process in this scenario.

Everyone is different, your relationship is unique and each family has it’s own values and norms. Have you talked about marriage before? Has she hinted how you might feel about asking her parents? If so, we’d probably recommend asking her dad or parents for her hand in marriage as it sound like it is a value of hers. But ultimately only you can decide on this.

How to ask the parents –

  • Organise a date to meet with your partners Dad or parents, or alternatively identify an opportunity next time you are with her family and pull her parents aside without her noticing.
  • Tell them why you want their daughters hand in marriage (You’ll know why you want to marry her – tell her parents this as they will be sure to love hearing it).
  • If you want this to be a SECRET, make sure you remind them that it is a secret. There’s nothing worse than letting the cat out of the bag!
  • Once you’ve got a yes throw in a compliment to her parents, it shows that you value them and respect their family in which you are entering into.
Step 3 

Select a date – keep it meaningful for brownie points.

So you’re now ready to ask those all important FOUR words. But first you must set a date to propose. How do you choose one?
Personally, we think meaningful dates are ultimate – however they are mildly predictable.

Sometimes we recommend planning it around a long weekend so that you can enjoy each others company for a bit longer as well as have the time to share the news with friends and family. Another popular suggestion is proposing on your anniversary – this is a popular romantic gesture that often leads to getting married on your anniversary too.

Of course one of the most popular times to propose is during the Christmas break, this is when proposals hit their peak time. With the love and laughter of Christmas and New Years it’s not surprising that many romantics get down on one knee to ‘pop the question’. Ultimately you have to propose when you’re ready, sometimes it springs on you and you say today’s the day. But we recommend going the extra mile and selecting a date that is meaningful to both you and her.

Step 4

Taking her breath away – make this proposal one to remember

Here is where the real fun begins! Let’s make this proposal one to remember – Unique Proposals can help take the stress our of planning such a day. We’ve done all the hard work for you, you literally just have to sit back and relax!

Close your eyes and picture enjoying Ocean View Estates package 2 (just one of our many beautiful proposal packages)… Okay don’t close your eyes because you can’t read. But read along and picture this…

Embark on a private 30 minute return helicopter flight offering you breath-taking views of Mount Mee’s lush hinterland with the quaint picturesque country town, winding roads and stunning vistas. Upon arrival at Ocean View Estate  (one of Australia’s most intimate wineries) experience a romantic walk to the lakeside gazebo where you will be met with a bottle of bubbles along with a gourmet cheese and antipasto picnic hamper.

Step 5

Get down on one knee – the rest is history.

You my friend have just planned the perfect proposal and now you are about to ask one very lucky lady to MARRY YOU!
It will all feel very surreal and yes you will get nervous! Just remember there is no right or wrong way to propose just make sure you ask her the all important question and the rest will be history! A little tip we always say is to make sure you bring a little ring box with you that will fit in your pocket inconspicuously! (see our friends at Gold River Jewellers for one).

Good Luck and remember we’re here to help!



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