Unique Proposals and the Great South East visit Secrets on the Lake Montville to experience Package 2 Lake House Romance.

As the year was winding down, the Unique Proposals helicopter propellers were just winding up ready for an adventure with Jillian Whiting and the Great South East Crew.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Part I – Gold River Jewellers

Behind The Scenes at Gold River Jewellers

Behind The Scenes at Gold River Jewellers

The clock struck 9am and the Gold River Jeweller doors opened welcoming Jillian in-store.

Jillian and the crew all reacted in amazement at the glimmering high quality jewellery on display. They were eager to discover all of the truly unique experiences that Gold River Jewellers and Unique Proposals offer.

Jillian was invited to wear a hand-picked range of jewellery for the day, to her excitement she said yes (how could she not, the jewellery is simply alluring).

After a quick interview about the onsite workshop, design team and Bruce (the pilot and jeweller) they set off to see the Unique Proposals side of things at Aeropower Redcliffe.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Part II – Unique Proposals Flight From Aeropower Redcliffe

“It’s the perfect day for a flight” said Bruce to the Aeropower crew as they were all introduced to the Great South East team. The team and Bruce proceeded to the helicopter where they set off for their helicopter flight.


The first leg of the tour took them over Sandstone Point Hotel a popular wedding, special occasion and proposal destination. After flying along the coastline and over the beautiful venue Bruce then took the flight to the Glass House Mountains where the crew were able to see the mountains from great heights whilst being quizzed about the mystical mountains history.

After learning about the Glass House Mountains and taking in the breathtaking views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland the flight then advanced to its final destination Secrets on the Lake Montville where the team would indulge in Package 2. Lake House Romance.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Part III – Secrets on the Lake.


Upon landing the team were greeted by a surprise message in white pebbles that said ‘The Great South East”.  Whilst the ground staff were greeted by having their perfectly raked leaves whimsically blown around by the helicopter. Out hopped Bruce, Jillian and the crew where they were greeted by Aldy and George the owners and founders of Secrets on the Lake.

Aldy, George and Jillian strolled to the lake house (Built by George himself) and they all sat at the romantically white clothed table with a single stem rose perfectly placed overlooking the stunning Lake Baroon.

As they talked about the treasure of a proposal at such a beautiful venue they sipped on their French champagne, shared their gourmet antipasto platter and enjoyed their desserts. Jillian learned about the young love shared between Aldy and George, they met when they were only of school age and today was Georges Birthday who was turning 70 something!


Gourmet Antipasto Platter with French Champagne and Dessert

It was clear to all that Unique Proposals and Secrets are a match made in heaven. With appetites appeased and the adventurous spirits satisfied it was time for everyone to head back. Although clients have the option to add a stay overnight stay to their package, the Great South East crew had to head back to the office as they needed to get started on producing this unique segment!

It was a wonderful day, and it was even more wonderful to see the joy on everyone’s faces as they enjoyed a Unique Proposal package.

For all the romantics interested in the wonderful package watch this come to life as the segment airs on Sunday the 12th of February at 5:30pm!  

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