Las Vegas Comes to Sandstone Point Hotel

The weekend of January 22nd was very special to say the least. Unique Proposals, Aeropower and Gold River Jewellers were a part of a heart warming event and were humbled to be able donate a helicopter joy flight from Redcliffe to Sandstone Point Hotel for one very special couple – Emma and Karl.

Due to being unable to fly to Las Vegas as a result of some unfortunate news, Emma decided to bring Las Vegas to them for Karl’s Birthday! But all as a surprise to Karl! 🎲 

All smiles for the hot rod ride & helicopter flight!

Up..Up and Away!

Karl was told to dress up as him and Emma were going out! Both of them looked a million dollars and were ready for the days adventure!

The first part of the day included a joy ride in a bright yellow hot rod to a surprise location (Aeropower at Redcliffe). Emma and Karl then arrived at Redcliffe airport in their bright yellow hot rod where her next surprise for Karl was in store. Karl was greeted by Bruce who said “lets all go for a flight!”.

Upon take off there were cheers to be heard as they went up…up and away! Off on their next adventure to another surprise location! They flew over the Redcliffe coast line and ventured to Pumicestone Passage. They were then greeted by a crowd of 50 people as they approached Sandstone Point Hotel.


Surprise Landing!

“Who feels like stopping at Sandstone Point Hotel” said Bruce and he began descending to the sports field at the entertainment filled venue.

Upon landing there wasn’t a face that didn’t have a grin from ear to ear, all were so excited to see Karl and Emma and to wish Karl happy birthday! Once the machine was shut down out hopped Emma and Karl. Everyone then came over and before the hugs started Gold River Jewellers had a little special something to give to Emma to cherish. She was presented with a hand made 9k yellow gold King of Hearts Pendant (the K standing for Karl). Speechless she hugged the team and they were both wished all the best for the evening from Unique Proposals, Aeropower and Gold River Jewellers.

Let the Party Begin!

But don’t worry, the event didn’t stop here! The party was just getting started… it is Las Vegas after all! 🎉 All ventured upstairs in a private function room at Sandstone Point. They enjoyed food, drinks, a roaming magician and a live band all overlooking the perfect view of the Pumicestone Passage! From a far away you could hear the joy from the evening! And as the night crept upon them the evening went off with a bang…. literally, as fireworks lit up the night sky for all to see and admire!

On behalf of Unique Proposals and partners this was truly a day to remember. We were all so touched to be a part of it!