Choosing a Wedding Band.

Finding the perfect wedding band for you and your beloved is easy at Gold River Jewellers. Typically you match your wedding band to your engagement ring. Which sounds easy in theory but when all of that glistening gold and sparkling diamonds are staring at you it can seem all to overwhelming.

But don’t worry Gold River Jewellers specialise in custom and handmade jewellery. With an onsite workshop and design team, together you can create the perfect match. To help you choose the right wedding band Gold River Jewellers have simplified the process into 5 easy design rules.

 Rule #1 Profile.

Matching the profile of your wedding band to your engagement ring is ESSENTIAL. This can be the difference between loving and loathing your wedding band.

So how do you know which profile your ring is?

Simply look at your ring, is it round at the edges or completely flat? Does it concave or have a high dome? These are all profile types and the aim is to match a flat profile to a flat profile, or a round profile with a round profile.

Here is a simple picture guide to help you know which profile you have:

Peter W Beck Profile Guide. 

Gold River Jewellers Wedding Bands for Him

Rule #1.1 Profile and Width for Him.

For hubby to be, it is simply a matter of finding out the right profile and width for his finger. From there he can choose an array of patterns and metal combinations that suit his fingers. Typically the average for males wedding band is 6mm wide and most prefer either a High Domed, Flat or Flat Round profile.

See the jewellers at Gold River to try on an extensive range of wedding bands for him.



Rule #2 Setting.

Typically speaking you match the setting of your engagement ring to your wedding band. What this means is that if you have a claw set diamond ring then you would match your engagement ring with a claw set wedding band. Likewise if you have a rub-over setting in your engagement ring, you may like to match this with a channel set wedding band.

Gold River Jewellers Stackable Range

  • Exception to the rule. Matching your setting is one of the design rules that has recently been broken and when done tastefully can look fantastic. Such as Gold River Jewellers latest stackable mismatched wedding bands. These stackable diamond set wedding rings are making an appearance this wedding season and they break every rule but who cares as they look absolutely divine!


Rule #3 Matching Metal

Matching metal – a rule that shouldn’t be broken. We’re not talking about matching the colour of metal here, it’s actually the metal type. This is to do with longevity – it is a ring you will be wearing forever after all. It is best to match 9k gold to 9k gold, or 18k gold to 18k gold or platinum with platinum (you get my drift). Why? Because metal wears out metal, and if you have a weaker metal against a stronger metal the weaker will wear out. Whereas if they are the same strength they will wear more evenly over time.

Rule #4 Budget

Gold River Jewelers Bridal Week 2017

The team at Gold River Jewellers knows what it’s like to get married, and we understand it is takes a lot of budgeting and number crunching. However when budgeting it is important to remember that your wedding bands are one of the only pieces you get to keep and cherish from your wedding day. You deserve to get a beautiful wedding band and to help out the team at Gold River Jewellers are hosting a BRIDAL WEEK from the 6th to the 11th of February 2017. During BRIDAL WEEK all wedding bands including handmade will be 25% off!

Rule #5 Break the rules – its your wedding band!

Get the band that you love, you don’t have to follow these rules but simply use them as a guide if it all seems to overwhelming!💒

Speak to Gold River Jewellers today to have your perfect wedding band custom made for you and your partner!

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