Epic Proposal – Gold River Jewellers and Unique Proposals most EPIC PROPOSAL of all time!

The story of this proposal is so big we have to tell it in chapters.

Chapter 1. The Making of the Ring and an Epic Proposal

Gold River Jewellers Work Bench – Designing the Engagement Ring.

One warm summers day Gold River Jewellers got a phone call. This phone call was not just any phone call.

 It was a phone call that started a chain of events that would leave all in amazement – it started the making of an epic ring for an EPIC Proposal.

Man on the phone “Do you make custom rings?”
Bruce ” We sure do, what did you have in mind?”
Man on the phone ” I would like to have a diamond at the top of the ring, and a diamond at the bottom and for it to be made out of platinum”
Bruce then explained “To make a ring in that way would cause the ring to have structural issues, but he would try to develop a way to make it and in such a way that made the ring structurally sound”.

Once they got off the phone Bruce then started to draw up some designs and began making the ring…

Chapter 2. The Epic Proposal Part 1.

So where were we? Right that’s it Bruce was in solitary making the ring. Well as you may have gathered form the title its proposal day, and that means that Bruce has finished the ring. Now let’s set the scene.

1826 days together.

A room has been booked in Brisbane on the 18th Floor Room 26, and you guessed it that’s the amount of days they have been together (1826). After a lovely night spent together they went to the Normanby where they had friends waiting, however on the way in they stopped by a particular bench where they had first met which just happened to have a plaque attached with the numbers 1826 where he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask the question… but wait…wait…wait.. Patience everybody the ring is nowhere in sight!!! However she said yes even without a ring (aww)! They enjoyed their lunch and celebrated until a nice shiny Bentley rolled up for a journey out to an unknown airport!


Arriving by Bentley for a Unique Proposal Flight.

Introducing Bruce Jeweller/Commercial Helicopter Pilot (now everybody shh… she can’t know that Bruce is the jeweller who made her ring). Great, now is the perfect time to give her the ring right? Well… not just yet! Whilst up in the air the weather is marginal she believes that she is going on a joy ride and coming back to the airport, when Bruce says over the intercom “don’t you live up this way, let’s go fly over the house”. As they approach the house, Bruce begins to descend onto a perfectly mowed heart that provides the perfect landing spot to drop them off!


The Epic Proposal Part 2

Once they landed onto the perfectly mowed heart the gentleman asked his fiancé to get ready, she had exactly one hour to shower and dress up as they were going out but she did not know where!!

Heart Shaped Landing Pad

As she got ready, he quickly ran down to his dam and hopped into a leaky canoe which had 2 not so friendly looking spiders in it (he didn’t have time to move them so I guess they were coming for the trip) and he proceeded to light 50 floating candles and placed each one ever so delicately on the water… But careful! He wouldn’t want to be bitten by the spiders or make a wake for the candles to tip over!

After delicately placing each candle on the water, he got out of the dam and set alight a campfire near a gazebo that he had already put up earlier which in it had a bottle of wine, a table, and a beautifully hand carved heart box which had been carved from the very branch of the tree where they first met.. And you guessed it he hand carved it!)! Oh yeah how could I forget inside the beautifully hand carved heart box was something very special!! By now he was in a mad rush, he chucked on his backpack full of led lights quickly placed 2 at a time on the ground making a runway which led back up to the house.


The End – but really it was just the beginning 💕

Exhausted he made it back to the house! There she was as stunning as ever, he took her hand and walked her down the runway to the gazebo, lights glimmering on

3ct Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring Handmade By Gold River Jewellers

the damn, the bonfire crackling in the night. He prepared a meal and on the side of her plate was 3 ½ carrots (you know the orange kind), whilst they were seated he asked her to close her eyes, he then reached under the table and pulled out the wooden heart box, opened it (remember the plan?) and said open your eyes, she smiled with joy! I love it its beautiful! He was so glad, he then asked her to close her eyes once more, holding her

hand, flipped the ring around! She fainted… well almost!
She could not believe her eyes was this really hers?

Filled with joy she said “It’s absolutely perfect”!


Now isn’t that a story to tell!
The end!