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Bruce & Peter | Melbourne to Tasmania

To fly a helicopter is one thing, to  fly a helicopter  over The Bass Strait is another! How many people do you know that can fly a helicopter from Melbourne over the Bass Strait to Tasmania!? Well we can proudly name two people and one is Bruce our pilot here at Unique Proposals and the other is Peter the co-owner of Unique’s newest venture Unique Charters with Flinders Island Aviation.

Bruce and Peter are not only leading pilots they are also always UP FOR ADVENTURE! So when the newest addition to the aviation fleet an EC120 helicopter needed to be transported from Melbourne to Tasmania it was obvious that it had to be flown there!


Flying Across The Bass Strait in a Helicopter is Not For The Faint Hearted!

Islands in the Bass Strait

The guys crossed 550km (of mostly ocean) and the voyage took an entire day with a few stop overs including a refuel at Phillip Island! After landing at Bridport Airport the guys then set off to Barnbougle Dunes a proud sponsor of the newest addition to the Unique Charters with Flinders Island Aviation fleet!

The Launch of Unique Charters!

Unique Charters is the newest addition to the Gold River Jewellers, Unique Proposals and Flinders Island Aviation family. Based in Bridport Tasmania, Unique Charters specialise in plane and helicopter charters from Bridport and Launceston to unique destinations within and around Tasmania!

With Unique Charters you can visit uninhabited islands, idyllic wineries and state of the art golf courses including Barnbougle Lost Farm!

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