Proposal Ideas by Unique Proposals.

You’ve found the love of your life and now you need to plan a romantic proposal! Unique Proposals have put together a bundle of proposal ideas to help  you plan the perfect proposal!

1. Propose in Tasmania!

Some may say Paris is the city of love, but those who say that have clearly never stepped foot in Tasmania! Tasmania is one of the most romantic places in the world, what could be more romantic than pristine water, rustic hinterlands, crystal lakes, picturesque towns and gourmet food and wine!

With all of that in mind Tasmania is quickly becoming a romantic destination to propose!  So if Tasmania sounds like the place to propose for you then speak to Unique Charters. Unique Charters in Tasmania are renowned for creating romantic adventure experiences in the North-East section of Tasmania. The local charter company know the best places to propose in Tasmania.
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2. Propose with a hidden message!

Why not have a little bit of fun with your proposal! Create a special message for her to see (plus it takes the edge off asking the question when she reads it first). At Unique Proposals we’ve seen or heard about ‘popping the question’ in some really crafty ways! One of our venues even has a white pebble option for your message…Or you could make your own hidden message! For example if she loves playing games why not play scrabble and write Marry Me with scrabble pieces! One of our Unique Proposal customers wrote the amount of days they had been together 1826 on a plaque! There are many ways to write hidden messages! But if  you’re stuck speak to the team at Unique Proposals!


3. Get a little bit of help! (from your pets or Unique Proposals)

Okay this one has got to be the cutest way to propose! Has your loved one always wanted a puppy or kitten? Or do you both have fur babies together?! Well then this proposal is for you, but remember getting an animal is a forever thing! So make sure you can look after the animal before you choose to propose this way! Some ways we’ve heard of people proposing with pets is simply attaching a message or the ring to the animals collar and having them walk up to your loved one! If you want more help than from your four legged friends and need some expert proposal advice then speak to Unique Proposals TODAY as we’re happy to do all of the background work for you!
So all you have to do is propose!

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3. Get in a Chopper! (with Unique Proposals)

If all this planning is to stressful, and you just want to kick back and relax whilst going on the ultimate adventure (plus getting all the credit for planning the perfect proposal) then speak to Unique Proposals. We are the specialist in Proposals. All you have to do is choose a package from our many romantic options and we’ll do the rest for you! Whether you both would love a winery proposal, an entertainment filled adventure in a 4WD or at a live concert, or simply kicking back in the hinterlands we’ve got your proposal sorted!

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